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Updated: Nov 3, 2022

In this first podcast, I interview Cliff about what it was like to be told that he was too small to play hockey. He talks about his days playing street hockey, and how he developed into a NHL player. Cliff is a big fan of the Canucks and he has a message for all fans who want to help the Canucks build a championship team.

Full Podcast on Youtube

Short Clips

Street Hockey on Maureen Crescent

The '94 Team

Esposito's Message to Hockey Fans and Earl from Mission


"Who was the easiest player to play with?"

- Jim from Prince George

"How do the Canucks finally win a Stanley Cup?"

- Gerry from Coquitlam

"Who was the hardest goalie to score on?"

- Michelle from Kelowna

Thank you for helping us out!

Whether you are a loyal customer, giving us honest feedback or someone who has offered to help us in any way, we can't thank you enough for everyone's support in building our little hockey shop. We promise that we will strive to build the Slapshot Alley into a great, fun place for everyone to improve their hockey skills, but also build a fun hockey community where we can play the game and help everyone achieve their goals and hockey dreams.

Upcoming Shows

We will be making a podcast every Sunday night and posting it on Monday. Feel free to contact us if you would like to ask us a question or be a guest on our show! We love to talk about hockey!

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