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EP #5 - 630am Zoom Calls

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

We are super excited that our players want to boost their shooting power on our power meter, but it doesn't come easy and it takes commitment every day to increase your strength... also what you eat is important. Cliff and I talk hockey shooting training...

Full Episode on Youtube

Motivation to Increase Power

Some of our players need motivation to boost their strength. We are doing a 630 and 645 am zoom call for some strength training 6 days a week.

Focus Needs Nutrition

We need to remind our young hockey players to eat and fuel their bodies in order to develop high strength and fitness levels. Cliff discusses his diet and what to eat and what not to eat as a pro hockey player.

Motivation from Canucks

There is a certain energy in the city when the Vancouver Canucks do well. Last year, when they won 2 series' vs the Wild and the Blues, the players coming to the Slapshot Alley were really into the hype. The energy is a little bit down this year. We need to make the Canucks Stanley Cup contenders again!

Playoffs Predictions

Cliff and I give our picks for the 2021 Stanley Cup Finals! Who do you think will win? Let us know with a comment...

The John Tavares Injury/Concussion

John Tavares suffered one of the worst concussions we have ever seen in the game of hockey. I want to know does avoiding a hit put you in a vulnerable position? When should you always take a hit and when is it safe to dodge a hit?

Cliff's Concussion

Cliff talks about a really bad concussion he got in training camp for the Phoenix Coyotes

Face-Off Moves

Cliff gives his tips for winning face-offs

Questions for Cliff

What was the best trickshot you ever saw in a NHL game? - Bruce from Richmond

Why hasn't a Canadian Team won the Stanley Cup in almost 30 years? - Jody from Nashville

Leave us a comment if you have a question for Cliff and we'll talk about it on our next podcast!

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