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EP #2 - The Influence of Wayne Gretzky

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Full Episode:

In the 2nd episode of the SlapShot Alley Podcast, Cliff Ronning and I discuss the influence of Wayne Gretzky on our hockey careers. We were extremely lucky to grow up during this era, because not only was Wayne so fun to watch, but more importantly, he was a great role model.

Favorite Player

At the SlapShot Alley, we get a lot of kids who want to become a great hockey player, so I always ask them who their favorite player is or which team they like to watch. Cliff and I both got to see Wayne Gretzky back in his prime, so we able to watch and learn from the greatest hockey player of all-time and it helped both of us advance our game. So we try to coach players to watch their favorite player and practice moves and plays that bring them success on the ice.

Learning from the Great One

Wayne Gretzky's dad Walter taught Wayne how to understand the game of hockey on paper. He used to give Wayne a piece of paper and a pencil while watching a hockey game on TV, and Wayne was instructed to keep drawing a line on the paper as if it were the puck in the game on TV. This exercise teaches the flow of the game and some of the major trends of where the puck usually goes or where the puck is sometimes turned over.

Hockey Miracles and Lessons

In this clip we talk about the Miracle at Manchester where Wayne Gretzky and the Edmonton Oilers built a 5-0 lead against the LA Kings in the 3rd period of game 3 of their playoff series in 1982... but the Kings came back and won the game. Cliff explains the "Hockey Gods" and how this is one of the most important life lessons that you can learn through the game of hockey.

Playing with Wayne Gretzky

Cliff had a chance to play with Wayne and his son Ty Ronning at a charity event. Cliff tells this story of a play that Wayne orchestrated to get Ty a goal.

Plays of the Week - Connor McDavid Chip and Ty Ronning Rebound

This week, Cliff and I picked a play of the week to show. If you would like to see a play on the show, you can send us a video of your play of the week!


If you would like to ask us any questions about hockey, please email us

Podcast Every Week!

Cliff and I are dedicated to making a show every week with our love for the game of hockey. We study the game every day and there is so much to talk about. We are looking for your stories and questions to help everyone learn and improve their game.

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